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Polymax speed ramps are available in two designs and sizes. Polymax offer 75mm speed ramps which reduce traffic down to 5MPH and the 50mm version which can slow traffic down to 10MPH. They are available with either reflective arrows or embedded cats eyes to alert vehicle drivers of the upcoming speed ramp. Although designed for permanent applications, they can be moved at a later date unlike the traditional tarmac speed ramps. The Polymax speed ramps are made out of SBR/NR rubber that is more durable and longer lasting in comparison to plastic equivalents. Please call a member of our friendly sales team if you have any questions on 01420 474123.
The Polymax economy speed ramp system is designed to slow vehicles down to 10 MPH.
The Polymax arrow speed ramp system is designed to slow vehicles down to 5 MPH.
  • doskonała ochrona przeciwuderzeniowa
  • idealny do garaży, parkingów, warsztatów, sklepów, zastosowań domowych