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General Purpose Sheeting

Over time Polymax runs special offers, discounted products, end of line products, off cuts and B-Grade stock. These products are listed below and are all at limited stock.

B-Grade Material & Offcuts

Material listed as 'B-grade' or 'Offcut' material sections are sold without warranty or a returns policy. Items listed here should be considered 'seconds' as they may contain one or all of the following: Blemishes, blooming marks, scratches or non-standard sizing. We do not know specific details about the condition of each item. Dimensions listed are +/-5%

Flek Effect Tiles - B Grade Stock

See our range of Flek Tiles

Polymax Flek - Smooth Tile with Flek effect - B Grade Stock

Magma Tiles - B Grade Stock

See our range of Flek Tiles

Special terrazzo effect finish - B Grade Stock

Luma Smooth Tiles - B Grade Stock

See our Luma Tiles

Luma Smooth effect tiles - B Grade Stock

Vida - Broad ribbed matting - B Grade / Off Cuts

See our Vida Flooring Rolls

B Grade / Off Cuts Vida Matting - Ribbed matting available variety sizes and thicknesses

NBR Splicing Kit - **Sale**

See our NBR Kits

25% OFF NBR Splicing Kit - Variety of different cord diameters, tape measure, cord adhesive, splicing tool and knife

Aria - NBR Sheeting - Oil Resistant - **OFFER**

See our Aria Flooring Rolls

Special offer on Aria, Oil resistant sheeting in 3mm. 1.22m wide sheeting

Studded Tiles - 500mm x 500mm - B Grade Stock

See our B Grade Tiles

B Grade stock of Polymax Circa Tiles

RTV 108 (clear) 310ml Rubber Silicone Adhesive

See our range of silicone adhesive

RTV 108 (clear) 310ml Rubber Silicone Adhesive Expiry: September 2017. Limited time offer £9.95 per tube.

Marbex - Marble Effect

See our Rubber Flooring Rolls

Polymax Marbex rubber matting is distinguished with its special marble effect surface, very high quality pleasing aesthetic characteristics.

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