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Tipper Pads for Tipper Lorries Available at Polymax

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A large collection of tipper pads used to protect the chassis of tipping lorries.

Available in two types of metal as shown in the material column below: steel zinc plated (S) and aluminium (A).

Tipper Pads for Tipper Lorries Available at Polymax  at Polymax
5.3 5.3
7.2 7.2
12.4 12.4
8.8 8.8
8.8 8.8
5.5 5.5
13.7 13.7
14.6 14.6
13.9 13.9
19.1 19.1
36.1 36.1
14.8 14.8
11.8 11.8
nr katalogowy Profile Drawing A B C D E F G Bolt Mat Cena Ilość
DM8419M6-2 Steel Tipper Pad 84L x 32W x 19H 84.0032.0019.0046251732 X M6S
26,96 zł
DM15240-3 Steel Tipper Pad Coated 152L x 40W x 30H 152.0040.0030.0010040255NoneS
36,35 zł
DM15275-3 Aluminium Tipper Pad Coated 152L x 88W x 43H 152.0088.0043.0010088385NoneA
62,80 zł
DM15288-3 Aluminium Tipper Pad Coated 152L x 88W x 28H 152.0088.0028.0010086235NoneA
44,63 zł
DM1528828-3 Steel Tipper Pad Coated 152L x 88W x 28H 152.0088.0028.0010086226NoneS
44,63 zł
DM15637M12-2 Steel Oval Tipper Pad Coated 153L x 62W x 40H 153.0062.0040.0092623552 x M12S
27,67 zł
DM18034-3 Aluminium Tipper Pad 180L x 75W x 34H 180.0075.0034.00115752952 x M8A
69,06 zł
DM18045M8-3 Aluminium Tipper Pad 180L x 75W x 46H 180.0075.0046.00115754642 x M8A
73,61 zł
DM18050-3 Aluminium Tipper Pad 180L x 75W x 45H 180.0075.0045.00115754054 x M8A
70,38 zł
DM190115-3 Aluminium Tipper Pad Concaved 190L x 115W x 20-26H 190.00115.0020.0012011214-2062 x M8A
96,38 zł
DM27325M16-2 Steel Tipper Pad 270L x 71W x 25H 270.0071.0025.00203712052 x M16S
182,46 zł
DM35544-3 Aluminium Tipper Pad 355L x 75W x 44H 355.0075.0044.0029075395NoneA
74,82 zł
DM35575-3 Steel Tipper Pad Coated 355L x 75W x 30H 355.0075.0030.0029074273NoneS
59,47 zł


Tipper Pads are used to protect the chassis of tipper lorries. They are designed to withstand heavy and repetitive loads, protecting the bodywork of the vehicle whilst dampening excessive noise whilst tipping. Tipper pads are constructed from a thick block of rubber with an aluminium or steel base. They can be fitted to the vehicle with screws or welded directly to the metal work. There is three types of base to choose from: Aluminium, steel and a version coated in black anti-rust paint.

Informacje dodatkowe

Kolor Silver/Black
Materiał Guma Naturalna (NR)
Maksymalne Obciążenie Ściskające (Kg) Nie
Maksymalne Ugięcie (mm) Nie
Maksymalne Obciążenie Ścinające (Kg) Nie
Sztywność (Kg/mm) Nie
Twardość (Shore A) Nie
Średnica Wewnętrzna (mm) Nie
Długość Wewnętrzna (mm) Nie
Szerokość (mm) N/D
Szerokość Wewnętrzna (mm) Nie
Wysokość (mm) N/D
Rozmiar Otworu Śrubowego (mm) Nie
Grubość (mm) Nie

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