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Trailer Plates

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Krótki opis

Trailer plates provide a secure place to rest unmounted trailers. The trailer landing legs stand on the trailer plate protecting the floor from repetitive heavy loads.
nr katalogowy Profile Drawing Length
Material Colour Cena Ilość
TPX Trailer Plate 1000L x 1000W x 25H 6001211 TPX Trailer Plate 1000L x 1000W x 25H 1000100025Tyrecord Hi FibreCzarny
628,62 zł
UHMWP Trailer Plate 1000L x 1000W x 20H 6010898 UHMWP Trailer Plate 1000L x 1000W x 20H 1000100020UHMWPŻółty
967,10 zł


Trailer plates provide a secure surface to rest unmounted lorry trailers that are not attached to a truck cabin. Installing trailer plates will prevent the trailer landing legs from causing damage to the forecourt or loading bay floor. There are two versions available at Polymax, a durable Tyrecord Hi-Fibre rubber trailer plate or a high visibility UHMWPU (ultra-high molecular weight polyurethane) version. Both are capable to withstand up to 30 tonnes.

How to fit: Both plates come with 16 x M12 large plated washers. Use the M12 screws for either tarmac or concrete, sold here.

Informacje dodatkowe

Kolor N/D
Materiał Nie
Twardość (Shore A) 78
Szerokość (mm) 1000
Temperatura Maksymalna (°C) 70
Temperatura Minimalna (°C) -15
Długość Wewnętrzna (mm) N/D
Rozmiar Otworu Śrubowego (mm) N/D
Ilość Otworów Montażowych Nie

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