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PTFE O-rings;


PTFE is a highly resilient O-ring material unaffected by virtually all known acids, alkalis and solvents. It is tough, abrasion resistant and capable of withstanding temperatures between -200°C to +250°C. It also possesses outstanding weather, ozone and electrical resistance. For this reason, it is the O-ring of choice for use in aerospace, food, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications industries.

PTFE O-rings could be a more economical alternative to FFKM materials, but they are not easily compressed and have little memory to be able to return to their original form. This can be a disadvantage if under permanent strain and may not create the best lasting seal.


Temperature Range

  • Up to 250°C (Intermittant)
  • Down to -200°C
  • Recommended temperature range -180°C to +230°C

    Chemical resistance

    • Excellent resistance to almost all chemicals
    • Not subject to ageing, so a near infinite shelf / storage life
    • Can be use in food, chemical and medical industries (among others)
    • Low elasticity (memory), making it unsuitable for dynamic applications unless energised by suitable material (I.E. rubber)
    • Low coefficient of friction

    Not compatible with:
    • Low compression vacuum sealing flanges
    • High vacuum seals
    • High temperature steam


Non-standards & Approvals

We are able to supply specially compounded O-rings. Contact us for further information +44 (0)14204 72000.


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