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Polymax Blog

  • Anti-Slip Pool Matting, its properties and various uses.

    Non-slip swimming pool matting can be used in a variety of applications, whether it is for personal use, community use or within a workplace, Polymax has a large variety of pool matting to offer.

    Our customers range from Private Spa Resorts and Community Leisure Centers, using our anti- slip as pool matting, to charitable organisations such as trinity house and the RNLI requiring safety for their personnel aboard sea vessels.

    Our non slip matting can also be used in working environments such as clubs and bars, providing safe walking areas where spillages may occur. The anti-slip matting comes in a range of colours and thickness to suit your preference.

    The Range

    Our first anti-slip mat Is the FLOORLINE pool matting roll, a strong and flexible PVC matting roll that boasts resistances to chlorine, oils and salt water, making this an ideal solution for swimming pools and areas around open water swimming. Czytaj dalej

  • How to Install Polymax Playground Floor Tiles

    Polymax Playground

    Polymax have been manufacturing playground flooring for 50 years, understanding that a quality product matters especially when children are involved. The Polymax PLAY tiles have been designed with the safety of children as the number 1 priority.

    Polymax playground floors are manufactured using high grade environmentally friendly recycled rubber materials and the premium tiles are designed to be UV resistant, allowing the playground floors to maintain their colour, integrity and finish over a long period of time. The non-premium tiles need to be maintained if they are being placed outside, the Polymax floor care kit is ideal for enhancing the longevity of the tiles.

    Czytaj dalej
  • Home projects for Over Lockdown 2021

    As we all head deeper into another UK lockdown Polymax have been, and are continuing, to support the local community with their DIY projects. From creating a home gym to rejuvenating your garage, lockdown is the prime time to work on home projects that you usually wouldn’t have the time or opportunity to complete, and Polymax are here to help. Czytaj dalej

  • Garage Floor Paint VS Garage Floor Coverings

    Garage Floor Tiles in Application

    Garage Floor Paint or a Garage Floor Covering?

    You've decided to revamp your garage and your first choice is flooring. This is what will make the difference between a tired-looking old room and an area where you want to park your pride and joy, keep equipment and use as storage. You will likely have a search to see the options that are out there and find there may be more than first thought, but there is one key choice, whether to paint your floor or lay a garage floor covering in the form of tiles or rolls.

    There are benefits to each, and this article should help you decide which option to go for, taking into account your budget, desired look and use of the area you would like to re-vamp.

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  • What is the Best Flooring for a Workshop?

    Garage Flooring

    Helping You Choose the Best Workshop Floor

    Your workshop is where the magic happens, whether your an avid hobbyist working from your garage or a large business producing an industry-leading product.  Your work area needs to be a safe, clean and comfortable place to carry out tasks.

    Installing new flooring is the easiest way to transform the look and practicality of your workspace and Polymax's range of workshop flooring comes with added benefits. Although standard concrete may be a solid and durable choice our range offers this, with the addition of anti-slip properties, chemical and oil resistance, scratch-resistant coatings and helps to absorb sound and impact.

    We offer a variety of patterns, styles and sizes ensuring we will be able to supply the flooring you require, the following steps will help you find yours.

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  • O-Rings for Ventilators, Face Shield Straps and More

    Face Shield Sheets & Ventilator O-Rings


    In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Polymax has seen an increase in demand for supplies for manufacturing medical equipment. We can provide components suitable for use in the manufacture of ventilator machines and PPE face shields.
    • Silicone Diaphragm Material
    • Rubber Gaskets - Cut to Shape
    • Machine Feet (Screw-on and Stick-on)
    • Silicone, Viton and Nitrile O-Rings
    • Adhesive Backed Foam
    • Silicone Sponge

      Silicone O-Rings for Ventilators Silicone Tubing for Ventilators Silicone Sheet Straps Face Shield Silicone Sponge Strips Silicone Sponge Strips Anti-microbial Silicone


    O-Rings for Ventilators

    Polymax can supply O-rings for ventilator machines available in Silicone, PTFE and Nitrile. Our O-rings are available in a variety of sizes, shore hardnesses and materials. Additionally, certain polymers are able to meet specifications suitable for medical, pharmaceutical and food grades such as FDA, WRAS, USP Class VI, NSF and more. We hold a large stock of O-ring in our UK warehouse and are able to meet short deadlines. Contact us regarding your specific application requirements with free advice from one of our experts on 01420 472000. O-Rings for Ventilators

    Rubber Feet for Ventilators


    Tubing for Ventilators

    Platinum silicone tubing according to FDA, WRAS and NSF specifications. Large range of sizes available suitable for pneumatic and fluid transfer applications. We are able to meet various specifications and requirements please contact us for more information on 01420 550597.

    Silicone Tubing for Ventilators


    Straps for PPE Face Sheilds

    Manufacturers are designing PPE face shields using 60ShA solid silicone for the straps. We can offer materials meeting FDA specifications sold by the metre suitable for laser or CND cutting. Polymax offers an in-house fabrication service to create custom gaskets or strips. Furthermore, we have introduced a new material the SILSURE Antimicrobial Silicone. This compound has been independently tested and proven to inhibit bacterial growth.

    Antibacterial Sheeting

    In-House Fabrication Service for Gaskets and Strips

    SILSURE Antimicrobial Silicone Material


    Sponge for PPE Face Shields

    We also sell FDA approved sponge suitable for padding the inside of face shields for comfort strips. Other non-FDA options include our ready-made silicone foam strips or our adhesive-backed neoprene foam.

    FDA Sponge Sheet

    Non-FDA Silicone Foam Strips

    Adhesive Backed Foam


    Please contact us if you require any advice from our sales engineers, we are here to help. Call 01420 550597 or email


  • Coronavirus Update (COVID19)

    We are closely monitoring the ongoing developments of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) worldwide and would like to reassure our customers that we are taking all necessary precautions to mitigate disruption to our service.

    This is an unprecedented event, affecting global manufacturing and supply chains; and whilst we are currently able to process most orders within agreed lead times, we may take longer than usual to service some orders.

    Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales team if you would like to discuss your existing orders with us. We would also strongly advise you to plan your future requirements and orders further ahead, where possible, to minimise disruption.

    Here are the key steps we are taking:

    • Our staff are being supplied with equipment to work remotely (where their job allows them do so)
    • Informing all staff of the hygiene measures for standard infection control as advised by the world health organisation (WHO)
    • Providing hand sanitiser to our members of staff
    • Asking staff to self-isolate if they feel unwell or have recently come into contact with somebody who could be infected

    In this ongoing situation, we will act in alignment with the government and NHS guidance. Please check this page for any future updates or get in contact with us directly at

  • How to Measure and Identify Oil Seals

    Replacing a critical component can be difficult to get right, especially if you do not have the original machine specifications. Thankfully, there are a few ways to identify oil seals; from their design, size and material. As there are hundreds of different oil seals available on the market, this guide will cover the four most common design types. Typically available with either a single or double lip, in Nitrile or Viton Rubber Material.

    Identify Oil Seals Czytaj dalej
  • Van Mat - What is the Best Type for You?


    Installing a van mat is one of the easiest ways to improve your van. If you are tired of the standard metal flooring in your cargo bay, covering it with high-quality rubber matting can smooth out uneven surfaces, provide better grip and add insulation to your vehicle. Better yet, it will not break the bank! High-quality rubber matting comes in at a small price for years of service, even in the toughest work environments. There are plenty of types to choose from. this guide will go through some of the different materials and give some tips for installation. Czytaj dalej

  • Polymax Sponsors the Industrial Liason Forum Award 2019

    Queen Mary University of London SEMS

    In November, Polymax sponsored the PhD student research showcase at the School of Engineering and Materials Science at the Queen Mary University of London. Our Head of Marketing, Julia Strudwick, spent the day at the Industrial Liaison Forum, meeting the students before presenting the award to three winners. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the current research projects in development across the faculty with almost 80 students participating in the poster competition. The students exhibited their work in the prestigious ‘Octagon’ hall which is used for a variety of events and graduation ceremonies. The winners were selected by a panel of judges made up with academics from the Materials Engineering, Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering divisions. Czytaj dalej

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