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Double U Shear Mount

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Krótki opis

The Double U Shear Mount is designed to isolate equipment in transit from shock and vibration.
nr katalogowy Nazwa produktu B1 H B2 L G A
UL5236M821 Double U Shear Mount 52mm x 36mm M8 52.0036.0020.0021M835.00
UL5440M1023 Double U Shear Mount 54mm x 40mm M10 54.0040.0022.0023M1050.00


Designed for isolating the vibrations from low-speed machines and equipment, Polymax Double U-Shear Mounts aim is to protect sensitive and light weight units from external shock vibrations.

Both mountings utilize bonded rubber in shear to permit high deflection and provide excellent isolation of low frequencies.

Typical applications include:
  • Light fans and compressors
  • Portable gensets and pumps
  • Computers and electronic units
  • Transit cases
  • Measuring and test equipment
  • Gauging equipment

Part No Hardness (ShA) Max Load (Kg) Max Def'n (mm)
UL5236M821-1 45 33 6
UL5236M821-2 60 60 6
UL5236M821-3 70 70 4.6
UL5440M1023-1 45 78 6
UL5440M1023-2 60 120 6
UL5440M1023-3 70 160 5.8

Informacje dodatkowe

Kolor Czarny
Materiał Guma Naturalna (NR)
Twardość (Shore A) Nie
Maksymalne Obciążenie Ściskające (Kg) Nie
Wysokość (mm) Nie
Szerokość (mm) Nie
Szerokość Wewnętrzna (mm) N/D
Szerokość Wewnętrzna (mm) N/D
Maksymalne Ugięcie (mm) Nie
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.

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